Secure NE - Fleet Management and Tracking System

Fleet management systems include a range of functions, such as vehicle telematics (tracking and diagnostics), driver management, speed management, fuel management, health and safety management. Fleet Management is a tracking system which allows companies which rely on transportation in business to remove or minimize the risks associated with vehicle investment, improving efficiency, productivity and reducing their overall transportation and staff costs. This system is the way that all of the vehicles within a fleet are networked together to provide users with control over all aspects of their fleet. This system provides users with a platform to dictate how a device should react; when it should react, and why it should react. You set the schedule and the rest is automated and based off of your personal preferences thus providing convenience, control, money savings, and an overall smarter fleet. Fleet management and tracking system can also alert you to events that you might want to know about e.g. alerts on geofences, sensors, cargo items and vehicle parameters. This product provides a user, the ability to monitor and control fleet. It enables the user to check the status of vehicles, driving behavior, real-time monitoring of vehicles, route mapping, cargo stations, waypoints mapping, followed path mapping, trip history maintenance, fuel consumption monitoring, sensors monitoring and vehicle parameters (speed, RPM, engine time etc.) monitoring.

Assets Management and Tracking System

With smarter use of multi-layer technology, SecureNE provides its Assets management and Tracking System. The system revolutionizes the Fleet Management Industry by providing state-of-the-art solutions for security and tracking of items as well as vehicles. Our system includes customizable OBD (on-board-diagnostic) solutions to efficiently monitor various activities of the end-to-end transport process. Efficient BLE technology combined with various sensors provides increased potential to streamline the complete security and tracking process. SecureNE serves the security and tracking requirements of many industries including Logistics, Supply Chain, Cargo, Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Banking as well as the food industry.

The system also offers highly efficient route planning by implementing the idea of geo-fencing. The quickest reporting system includes reporting of various activities and locations during long-haul travels, starting from departure until the arrival of the individual vehicle. Email and SMS Alerts are generated immediately if cargo vehicle slips out of range along with many similar scenarios.

Smart Automate

SecureNE provides a revolutionary security and performance management system for the personal vehicle. The integral need for optimizing the performance of any system is a deep insight into its KPIs. Smart Automate offers a wide range of KPIs of your personal vehicle, including Mileage, Engine Status, Cabin Status, Optimum route planning and timely alerts. The System makes efficient use of data collection, transmission and manipulation methodologies to provide real-time updates.

Smart Automate thus shares a major load of responsibilities of a personal vehicle owner. It enables the owner to view the location, speed and such KPIs like fuel consumption, cabin atmosphere, engine performance parameters and various other vehicle health indicators via a user-friendly mobile application.

Vehicle Tracking System with WiFi Hotspot

SecureNE provides a revolutionary security and performance management system for a personal vehicle with a WiFi hotspot feature. It provides remote vehicle diagnostics capabilities on the vehicle fleet and enables monitoring of diagnostic trouble codes, ignition status, speed, odometer, fuel efficiency, route management and geofencing along with the extra feature of WiFi-Hotpot. Plug & play design provides for easy, quick installation - just plug into vehicle's On-board diagnostics (OBD) port.

Vehicle Tracking System offers a reliable platform to collects GPS and diagnostic data that is transmitted over a network and is displayed on the customer's website via maps and reports.

GPS Tracking System

GPS tracking software is designed for personal vehicle or mobile phone tracking and management. Tracking device usage is very simple and convenient. All records are available in real time, data is saved to a database and can be accessed any time in the future. Trackers send various information such as coordinates, speed and altitude. Our system allows seeing precise object location in real time through a web browser. Get instant notifications and alerts about events. Our GPS tracking system is pre-configured with easy to use; mobile-friendly web application to customize the configuration of geofencing, alerts, generate various reports and to control devices remotely.

ELD Systems

ELD Solution provides a platform with embedded devices and mobile friendly web application to record driving hours. It updates constantly providing the driver to maximize his driving hours based on his current working cycle.

ELD monitors a vehicle’s engine to capture real-time data on engine ignition status, the status of vehicle, miles driven, and duration of engine operation.

Solutions offer advanced and user-friendly HOS solution on the market variable sized fleets.

Product Features

Our business objective is to build a trustworthy brand name by delivering quality output.

Fleet Tracking

  • Trucks/ Vehicles real-time monitoring.
  • Way Points and Cargo Stations mapping.
  • Trucks/Vehicles route mapping.

Package Management & Alerts

  • Cargo items monitoring throughout the fleet route.
  • Alerts on misplacement of cargo items.
  • Monitoring of cargo items on waypoints.
  • Estimated time of arrival.
  • Alert on container breach after dispatching of fleet.
  • Sending of container image to a server on container breach.

V2I Communication

Vehicle-to-Infrastructure communication is primarily designed to communicate safety and traffic warnings to vehicles on the same fleet system.

  • Method: Existing Cellular Networks will be used as the main mode of communication in our case. As cellular communication doesn’t require roadside sensors and existing cellular networks already have a security system in place.
  • Benefits: Stationary (crash) vehicles and accidents, Hazardous locations, Road works, Slow vehicles or Traffic Jam, Parking information, Alerts like container breach (security).

Asset Management System App

Android/IOS App for Fleet Management System.

  • Alerts for the drivers on same Fleet System.
  • Performance and alerts for the Fleet monitoring and maintenance staff.

Sensor Management

Performance Monitoring

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Our business objective is to build a trustworthy brand name by delivering quality output