TekFocal is a software and engineering outsourcing company specialized in developing, testing and automating a variety of software, mobile, and embedded applications. We provide top-quality and cost-effective custom software development and testing services to help our clients succeed in a competitive business environment. Our business objective is to build a trustworthy brand name by delivering quality output within our client's budget to maximize their ROI. We believe in complete transparency throughout the life cycle of the project. Our ability to respond to the changing needs of the market as well as of our customers helps us to deliver exceptional value.

TekFocal has expertise in a wide range of development platforms, real-time operating systems, processor cores, communication standards and communication protocols. We put the right people for the job.


  • Years of experience and capabilities with SFF design.
  • Military applications with stringent MIL-STD requirements.
  • Ground, avionics, and extreme rugged environments.


  • Address client-specific challenges.
  • Speed, size and extended operating temperature range.
  • Power consumption, ruggedness, expandability and more.


  • A Broad range of Engineering and Production services.
  • Designed for embedded boards and systems.
  • Turnkey system design and build.


Skilled Pool Of Resources

Partnering with TekFocal ensures immediate availability of a dedicated, well-trained team with the right expertise, honed by pertinent international experience. At present we have a team of 50 engineers with a diverse skill set. Further, TekFocal is based in Lahore, Pakistan, a technology hub, that ensures the availability of a talented resource pool from which teams can be configured quickly.

High Retention Rate

The high retention rate of world-class engineers that translates into knowledge retention and our clients reap the rewards of their investment for many years.

Flexible Delivery Models

TekFocal is a flexible partner who can customize the working model to fit your specific needs. One could choose from Fixed-Bid, Time-and-Material on-site and/or offshore teams, virtual global team or any mix of these models. We have delivered to clients using all these models. The objective is always to tailor a solution that fits your unique requirements.

Global Footprint

TekFocal has clientele worldwide across Europe, US and UK. TekFocal team has been working on international projects for several years and the senior members have traveled extensively around the world. This leads to a high comfort level amongst our engineers and senior management personnel when interacting with customers from a different culture/country. This also leads to a high quality-consciousness and a desire to deliver at world-class standards.

Professionals And Energetic Team

Our team consists of Ph.D. consultants, experienced professionals who have worked on various large and complex international projects along with young professionals with the potential to change the world. This hybrid talent helps us deliver challenging projects to our client.